About me

I’m a third year PhD student in the Theory Group of the School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science at Queen Mary University of London. Under the supervision of Mehrnoosh Sadrzadeh I work on several issues in compositional distributional semantics. In particular, I am interested in what a sentence-level embedding should look like, how to build representations for language involving quantifiers, ellipsis, sentence-level ambiguity, and dialogue, and what role compositionality should play in these (see my publications).

Before starting the PhD in London, I received my masters degree in Logic from the Institute of Logic, Language and Computation in Amsterdam in 2014, and a bachelor’s degree in Artificial Intelligence at Utrecht University in 2011.

In between finishing the masters and starting the PhD, I worked for a while at the Software Improvement Group, where I was co-author of two books on software (team) quality (see here and here).